Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lunch on International Boulevard:

On our return home we stopped at Mi Grullense, a delicious and very popular taco truck on International Boulevard and 29th. We decided to include a lunch stop; since many people told us that taco trucks were an East Oakland signature, we thought this would be a fitting place. No one was disappointed! During our half-hour stop, we saw loads of people, some in their Sunday best, stop for a yummy taco or torta. We checked out a virtual authority on the subject, www.tacotrucks.net, to read reviews of local hot spots. As it turns out, Mi Grullense is their taco truck of the month. Look here for more information on restaurants and taco trucks on the Comida Corridor (International Boulevard).

Everyone parted ways after lunch, with a full belly and a pocket full of new experiences. It was great for us to share some of what we have learned on our rides. We also enjoyed talking about many aspects of Oakland city life from art to bike lanes, food to politics, and the meaning of public space. Thanks to all who came ‘east’ with us!


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