Saturday, July 22, 2006

MacArthur Boulevard:

Riding on MacArthur is constantly interesting: the streetscape is ever-changing. We rode by small neighborhood homes, the freeway, local shops and a soon-to-be cut down forest (to make way for more development). Considering that MacArthur is a major thorough-fare, it is pretty pleasant to ride on. MacArthur runs from West Oakland through these neighborhoods (from west to east): Longfellow, Pill Hill, Grand Lake, Haddon Hill, Bella Vista, Dimond, Laurel, Millsmont, Eastmont, Castlemont, Las Palmas and into San Leandro. A group of folks from Mills College just completed a year-long photo-bio of MacArthur Boulevard; look here for more info.

After we had done some serious climbing up MacArthur, we stopped at a corner liquor store for some tree shade and a cool drink. As we were resting, a man saw our sign and was pretty upset by the question; he saw only one side. As he walked into the store, he angrily shook his head saying, “Where’s West Oakland? Don’t be bringing that shit here.” His were among the very few hostile comments and reactions we have received in nearly three months of riding.


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