Saturday, June 10, 2006

At The Market:
When we arrived, we scoped out the site to see where we could set up. The market is jammed packed with all sorts of vendors, from fresh fruit and veggies to homemade jams, soaps and other handcrafted creations, not to mention people of all colors and ages. We settled on a small patch of grass between several rows of vendors. As we were setting up the kiosk, a tall fellow approached us. He introduced himself as the market manager. We were concerned about being kicked out because of our experience at Fruitvale Village yesterday (see post from 6/9/06 for details). Instead, he extended his hand, welcomed us, and confirmed that in this spot we would not be in anyone’s way. He was curious and excited about the project and assured us that we could come to the market any time. Public space is still alive and well!


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