Saturday, June 10, 2006

Farmer Marketers:

The marketers are generally an inquisitive and pleasant lot: people are out for a leisurely Saturday shopping experience. A good number of people stopped to talk to us. Interestingly enough, people spent a long and thoughtful amount of time filling out survey forms. Even though we spoke to well over 20 people, we have only ten forms completed. Pairs and small groups of folks often collaborated on the forms. You can click on Flikr (the right orange bar) to see all of the completed surveys.

One woman questioned our survey format: she took our sociological endeavor to heart and believed that we should “…restate your questions in order to get a much broader perspective of what people really think.” She was bothered, as we have been too, by the generally negative descriptions of West and East Oakland. According to her, West Oakland is “The place where the city began” and East Oakland is full of “culturally diverse neighborhoods.” We appreciate her concern and sincerity. Because of her comments, we have since changed the questions on our survey forms.


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