Thursday, May 18, 2006

Packing Up & Going Home
After a productive event, it was time for us to hit the road and return home. It is easy to forget that we are towing a sign with a question; we were tired and concentrated on pedaling and staying warm. As we crossed over the intersection of Broadway and 27th Street, a pedestrian crossing the road started to wildly wave his arms at us: “No, no!”, he shouted, “You have to go that way!” He was directing us towards Webster and on westward.

When we were a few blocks from home, a woman in her minivan flagged us down:

Minivan Woman: “Are you lost? Is that a practical question or an art question?”

WE Riders: “No, we’re just looking for West and East Oakland.”

MVW: “Well, I can tell you where West Oakland is. I was just there at a health clinic at 18th between Adeline and Mandela. Let me tell you, that was definitely West Oakland. No doubt about it. East Oakland---it’s not clear to me where that is. Good luck with your quest!”

WR: “Thanks for your help!”


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