Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Testing Chalk-Dispenser:
The pilot ride was our first opportunity to see how the dispenser would work. The plan: the entire unit was attached to the tandem's rear wheel. The wheel's rotation would cause a small 'hammer' to agitate the dispenser. The bottom of the dispenser was fitted with a perferated metal lining. The agitation would force the chalk to fall out onto the rear wheel's tread. As the wheel made contact with the pavement, the chalk would be compressed onto the pavement. The result: an orange line to mark the longitude.

Before taking to the streets, we tested the unit's functionality inside of the storefront. Small poofs of orange dust billowed out from the rear of the bike. The system did not work as well as we had hoped. The chalk hopper box required more agitation than we had originally predicted. Chalk was released, but in random clouds that covered the tandem's rear wheel. (Check out flicker to see the 'orangification' of Mark's legs.)


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